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Root Canals in San Francisco

What are root canals?

Root canals can save your natural teeth from extraction and prevent the need for dental implants or other synthetic solutions.

When would I need a root canal?

Teeth that need root canal therapy are infected in the pulp—a collection of blood vessels in the center of every tooth that support it. Most patients with infections first realize it when they have sensitivity to temperature, pain in the specific tooth or gums, or visible injury with swelling.

What can you do to help save infected teeth?

During the treatment, we will remove the infected parts, clean out the tooth, and seal it with high-quality materials that match your tooth and bite.

Is it painful?

Root canal therapies used to be more painful than they are today. With the advent of new imaging technology, we can see the exact trouble-spots and direct our cleaning efforts with immense precision. We also offer local anesthesia and nitrous oxide to make patients as comfortable as possible.

Who will I see for the procedure?

Dr. Sahar Dadvand and Dr. Jared Pool are our two trained and experienced dentists who offer root canal therapies.