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Same-day Crowns & Fillings in San Francisco

Same-Day Crowns

Washington Square Park Dental is proud to offer patients high quality, same-day crowns.

Though we do not place implants at our office, we are happy to re-cap teeth as needed using our in-office CEREC technology. Many other offices make patients return several times to take moldings, create perfect teeth and place them during a return visit - we do not. We work with the best digital technology and finest materials to make sure our patients have the convenience of getting a perfect new tooth the very same day.

Please note that in situations where it’s your two front teeth that need crowns, we will send digital files of your teeth to a high-quality lab to ensure your teeth fit your smile perfectly in every way.

Cavities and Fillings

Cavities can become extremely painful to the point where they distract you from work or you everyday life. We understand many patients with cavities don’t see a dentist immediately because it’s inconvenient or they don’t have someone to go to in the city.

We pride ourselves on being a convenient, one-stop destination for cavity care in San Francisco. New and old patients can make appointments quickly online or by phone and depending on your pain and urgency, we can see you very quickly.

We use the latest technology to get any and all decay out of your teeth and replace it with the best materials available - those that match your tooth color and bite perfectly.

We offer local and topical anesthesia for cavity care to keep our patients comfortable - as well as ceiling-mounted TVs and headsets.